Mauritius Premium Visa

The Mauritius Premium Visa is a remote work visa designed for individuals seeking an extended stay of up to a year in the country. This visa caters to professionals, remote workers, retirees, and long-term visitors looking to spend more than 180 days in Mauritius. Click here to read on working remotely in Mauritius on the Premium VisaThis long-term travel visa is a great way for foreigners to test the waters before committing to a permanent decision such as relocating to Mauritius on a permit. Since this visa is issued at no cost, foreigners can apply for the Mauritius Premium Visa and experience life here to see whether it suits their lifestyle, budget, preferences and goals. You can then choose to come here on a residence permit or occupation permit. Mauritius also offers residence by investment options. 

Eligibility and Application Requirements

Applicants from 114 countries are eligible for the Mauritius Premium Visa. For those from non-eligible countries, it is recommended to first apply for a Tourist Visa and transition to the Premium Visa while in Mauritius. Requirements for the visa include proof of extended accommodation, return flight tickets, sufficient travel and health insurance, and a minimum monthly income of $1500. Additional financial provisions are required for dependents. It is crucial that applicants refrain from engaging in the local labor market and demonstrate their primary income source outside Mauritius.

Financial and Tax Considerations

The Premium Visa incurs no fees or processing charges. Holders bringing foreign funds into Mauritius are exempt from taxes for the initial six months. However, after 183 days, they are deemed tax residents, and any remitted money becomes subject to taxation. Seeking independent tax advice is highly recommended to understand tax implications clearly.

Application Process and Duration

Initially taking 48 hours, the processing time for the Mauritius Premium Visa has extended to several weeks. While the application process is online, the entire relocation process can be intricate, requiring comprehensive documentation and settlement arrangements.

What We Can Do For You

We are a team of immigration experts and relocation advisors in Mauritius that can help you with all aspects of the visa application process. Relocate Mauritius offers tailored services, including personalised assistance in navigating the application process, finding suitable accommodation, and ensuring a hassle-free relocation. Our team specialises in guiding individuals through the nuances of the premium visa application, helping them settle comfortably in Mauritius, whether for a trial period or a year-long stay as a digital nomad.