Mauritius Occupation Permit

Mauritius, renowned for its stunning landscapes and robust economy, serves as an enticing destination for those seeking to live and work in a tropical setting. For individuals aiming to obtain Mauritius residency, the Mauritius Occupation Permit emerges as the primary avenue to work in Mauritius. This permit, combining both work and residency rights, offers three distinct categories: Professional, Self-Employed, and Investor. Each category potentially leads to getting a Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit, ensuring a 20-year residency.

Work in Mauritius as a Professional

Skilled professionals can obtain a Mauritius Occupation Permit, allowing them to work in Mauritius, provided that they are employed by a Mauritian company and have a monthly salary of at least MUR 30,000. Holding this permit consistently for 3 years while maintaining a salary of MUR 150,000 enables you to apply for a 20-year permanent residency in Mauritius.

Work in Mauritius as a Self-Employed

Foreign entrepreneurs can work in Mauritius as a Self-Employed on the Occupation Permit, provided that they make an initial investment of USD 35,000 in their business venture. After maintaining this permit for 3 years and achieving an annual income of MUR 3 million, the permit holder can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit of 20 years. To qualify for a self-employed permit in Mauritius, the non-citizen must set up a business in Mauritius. Our recommended partner, Register Company Mauritius, provides comprehensive information regarding the process of setting up a company in Mauritius. Contact us or our partner directly. 

Work in Mauritius as an Investor

To work in Mauritius as an Investor, you have 4 distinct business investment options to choose from:

  1. Normal Option: Initial investment of USD 50,000 or equivalent in convertible foreign currency.
  2. Net Asset Value: Investment in a company with a net asset value of at least USD 50,000.
  3. High Technology Machines & Equipment: Investment in high-tech machinery valued at a minimum of USD 50,000.
  4. Investor for Innovative Start-ups with no minimum investment requirement.

To qualify for Permanent Residence and to work in Mauritius, maintaining an Occupation Permit as an investor for at least 3 years before application is essential. Additionally, demonstrating either a minimum annual gross income of MUR 15 million for 3 years or an aggregate turnover of MUR 45 million during the current permit tenure is crucial for eligibility.

What We Can Do For You

We are a team of immigration experts and relocation advisors in Mauritius that can help you with all aspects of the occupation permit process. We provide guidance through the various pathways including the professional, self-employed and  investor permit. Our comprehensive support extends beyond the application process, offering relocation services, real estate guidance, and helping in finding suitable accommodations. We also assist in setting up businesses, facilitating bank account set-up, and ensuring a seamless transition for your residency in Mauritius. While we can help foreigners obtain an occupation permit, we do not have the expertise and resources to find you a job. Check out this website to learn more about getting a job in Mauritius.